RegistryNuke 2012

RegistryNuke 2012

Comprehensive suite of tools to keep your registry clean and error-free
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RegistryNuke, Inc.

RegistryNuke 2012 is a comprehensive optimization tool that combines all the utilities you need to keep your registry clean, compact, and error-free. It performs a deep and fast scan of your Windows registry and spots all possible suspicious entries in a snap. Thanks to the information provided, you will be able to select which specific entries or areas need fixing.

The scan process will look for system-related errors, user-related errors, startup and uninstall errors, and those produced by Com and ActiveX sections. All the errors found are neatly organized into these categories, and each of these areas will be assigned a level of damage ranging from low to high. You can also browse through the errors that RegistryNuke found in each category, and evaluate which actions to take accordingly. You can always tell the program to perform a full cleanup of your registry, and get rid of all possible threats and errors in one go. Whatever decision you take – and to be on the safe side – it is always advisable that you visit the “Backup” tab first and save the current status of your registry before allowing the program to make any changes.

Nearly everything that has to do with the scan and cleanup processes is configurable in RegistryNuke 2012. You can decide which areas or types of elements will be scanned or excluded. The level of granularity is fairly high, allowing you to include or exclude very specific groups of errors, such as those related to file extensions, Windows fonts, or sounds and Appevents. You can also schedule your scan processes so that they do not interfere with your plans, especially with those scans performed at a deeper level, which may take a bit longer.

Finally, it is important to note that RegistryNuke comes also with a useful defragmentation utility that will defrag and compact your registry for a faster access to its many keys and entries.

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  • Attractive and well-structured tabbed interface
  • High-qualiy set of tools to keep your registry clean and error-free
  • Fast and effective scan process


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